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​​The Interpersonal Process (IP) Group 

The Interpersonal Process (IP) Group is specifically designed

to help individuals make positive changes in how they relate

to themselves and others. 

Prospective group members are aware of the recurring

patterns in their relationships that have negatively affected

their lives and are interested in changing these patterns. 

While they may have previously attempted to make changes

in their relationship patterns, many have experienced limited

success in effectively instituting and maintaining these

changes.  The IP Group is designed to help members

effectively identify and address these patterns.

IP Group Facilitator

The IP Group is led by Dr. Rich Pazol and Dr. Tom Rogat.  Drs. Pazol and Rogat are licensed psychologists with a combined 25+ years’ experience conducting individual and group psychotherapy with adolescents and adults.       
What to Expect

The IP Group is both interpersonal and process-oriented.  IP Group members will have the opportunity to observe their own and other IP Group members’ emotions, thoughts, behaviors and reactions and will focus on sharing their own reactions as they occur (i.e. in the “here and now”).  Through this interactive process, IP Group members will begin to better understand their own reactions and their relationship patterns.  In addition, members often gain insight into how they are perceived by others, how others’ experiences of them differ from how they perceive themselves, how the ways in which they communicate can enhance or impede their relationships, and how easily others can relate to their situations and experiences. 


This IP Group is currently forming and I am accepting referrals.  The IP Group is for adults (18 years and older).  The Group meets for 90 minutes on a weekly, ongoing basis.  

The IP Group will continue in perpetuity and prospective group members will be welcomed as vacancies present themselves. An initial phone screening is required for individuals interested in joining the group and can be arranged by contacting me. 

Joining the IP Group   

All prospective IP Group members are required to participate in an initial, 30-minute phone or video consultation at no cost.  This consultation will allow Dr. Pazol to meet prospective members, describe the IP Group and expectations in more detail, answer any questions, and determine whether participating in IP Group might suit the prospective members’ needs. 

To schedule a phone consultation, please call me at 216/536-3926 or email me at


IP Group members are expected to attend every week.  In the rare event that a member cannot attend a particular meeting, they are expected to inform the group facilitator that they will be absent.

IP Group members are expected to attend a minimum of four consecutive sessions before deciding to leave the IP Group.  If the member chooses to leave the IP Group, they are asked to return to briefly say goodbye to their fellow group members.

Participation in the IP Group involves members providing and receiving honest feedback to/from each other and the facilitator.

IP Group members are expected to respect each other’s privacy and to refrain from discussing anything that occurs in the IP Group with non-members. 

Interactions between IP Group members outside of the sessions is discouraged.  Any interactions between members that occur outside of sessions are expected to be discussed within the context of the next IP Group session.